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Solar Panels Central Coast

Look no further for cutting off your energy bills! Hit the contact button on this page to get in touch with the owner Billy to answer any of your questions. We have the experience and expert capability to suit the needs for your solar panels in Central Coast. Tru Blu Solar Co has assisted hundreds of families and businesses across the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter regions to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in electricity expenses since 2016.

Looking for a solar system installation company that can save you lots of money on electricity bills? Call Tru Blu Solar Co today! Our professionals specialise in installing solar panels across the Central Coast with a focus on customer satisfaction. We are local experts, and provide superior solar panel installation services that can help you save money on electricity bills! Our experts are trained and certified to meet all your needs of solar in the Central Coast and will stay within your budget without compromising quality!

At Tru Blu Solar Co, we will customise a quote and installation plan just for you at no cost! We are recognized as one of the top companies in Australia when it comes to installing quality solar panels in the Central Coast. We are proud to be Clean Energy Council Accredited and are the first-ever company on the Central Coast to earn this honour.

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Solar System Installers Central Coast

Tru Blu Solar Co professionals will perform a site assessment that determines an optimal solar design for your property. A range of items including; electricity bills, roof space, shading, panel layouts, solar technology, meter data and, your preferences will be analysed and considered during this assessment.

With our experience this is easily done and we can instantly provide you with a the solution to eliminate your power bills. As a 100% Australian owned business, we take pride in installing advanced solar systems across the Central Coast. With a proven track record, we’ve helped hundreds of families and businesses to harness solar power in Newcastle or on the Central Coast and eliminate high electric bills.

Do you want a new solar panel installation? Looking for a solar battery solution? Want to add panels to an existing solar system in Newcastle or on the Central Coast? We’ve got you covered! Our professionals will perform a thorough site assessment and create an optimal solar design for your property. We consider a range of factors, including power bills, panel layouts, roof area, technology, the amount of sunlight received, and more, to develop a custom solution that meets all your needs for solar power on the Central Coast.

Why Choose Us as Your Solar Installers in Central Coast

The leading Central Coast solar installers, Tru Blu Solar Co have helped hundreds of individuals and organisations across the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter regions lower their electricity bills since 2016.

Our solar installers in the Central Coast NSW, provide you with top quality service as we strive to make your family’s dreams come true. Whether you are considering replacing old solar panels or need solar systems installed for any other reason, our team is fully licensed and qualified. With years of experience in solar panel installation across the Central Coast, Tru Blu Solar Co will expertly manage your solar panel installation project from start to finish.

Central Coast Solar Rebate

The average Central Coast solar rebate is $3250; however, the rebate amount or discount will vary depending on the size of your solar panel installations. The Government rebates on solar panel installation are expected to last until 2030, and the rebate amount purely depends on the solar panel size. For instance, if you have a solar panel of 5kW, the rebate amount will be $2387, for 10kW the rebate amount is $4774, and more. The solar rebates by the Government are aimed to provide reliable and long-lasting power solutions to all families in the Central Coast region.

Start saving on electricity with a solar installation from Tru Blu Solar Co. Talk to us today!

Central Coast Solar Rebate - Tru Blu Solar Co.

Solar Quotes in the Central Coast

Are you new to solar panels? Don’t get stung by cheap solar quotes on the Central Coast! At Tru Blu Solar Co, we provide high-quality solar installation services on the Central Coast to give you a great return on your investment. The cost of solar panels varies depending on various factors such as the type of the solar panel, roof area, and more. We will visit you for a detailed site analysis and then provide you with the best quote that saves you more money.

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Many Australian homeowners experience the pain of paying quarterly power bills. At Tru Blu Solar Co we can certainly put a stop to that. We have had hundreds of customers, who were being billed from $200-$2000 a quarter for electricity. Once they have installed solar many of them have had their power bills in credit ever since. Get in touch for a free solar feasibility report, we provide free on site quotes for anyone, you would be surprised with how quick the solar will pay for itself.
Our commercial solar installations boost the cash flow for Australian business owners. Our engineering team will carry out a site visit to investigate the premises electrical layout and take note of the structure to be used for the installation. From here, we will gather historical data from the energy retailer and use this to model the perfect solar system. In addition to this, we provide tariff structure advice to speed-up pay back periods to as little as 1.5 years for our commercial solar installations.

Tru Blu Solar Co have the expertise that a battery customer relies on to ensure their system is installed safely and efficiently. The combination of technical aptitude, industry partnerships, load profile analysis and engineering is what is required for the successful installation of a solar battery.

This is where our innovative quality really sets us apart from the competition. Our solar and battery installations allow you to have power in the home even if there is a blackout.

Solar maintenance is something we are inherently experts at. After supplying & installing hundreds of solar panel installations we can quickly find faults that others would take hours to do. We know exactly what to look for, every single time. If you have problems with faulty inverters, panels, micro-inverters or power optimisers we can find the fault in minutes and have your warranty claims carried out efficiently.

On top of this, we are experts at insurance reports for hail damaged solar panels and fire damaged solar panels.

For some sites the existing power infrastructure may be old and outdated or may simply not be adequate to support a solar installation. Often in these cases, the customer will engage us to upgrade their switchboards and mains cables coming in from the powerline network. With our experience in doing so, you can rest assured your power will be off for minimal time periods and the work will be completed with high quality finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be surprised to find out that they’re actually quite affordable, especially when you consider that they last 25 years or more. The cost is amortised over time, meaning your monthly electricity bill will be lower than it would have been otherwise.

In some instances, you might even be able to sell back your extra energy generation to your local utility company for a profit. In other words, solar panels in Central Coast are an investment! They pay for themselves in no time, making them one of the best long-term investments you can make.

In general, yes. Solar energy is created by a photovoltaic (PV) cell or module using sunlight to generate electricity. As long as there is enough sunlight to turn it into electricity, solar power can be produced 24 hours a day. Many solar Central Coast systems are equipped with batteries that store excess energy during peak production times for use at night or on cloudy days. These storage systems are known as grid-tied systems because they connect directly to your home’s electrical grid and draw from both stored and generated power sources, depending on availability.
In Australia, your energy consumption will determine how many solar panels you need. If you live in a state with many hours of sunshine per day, it may be less. If you live somewhere with fewer sunshine hours, you’ll need more to sustain your household’s needs. Of course, a larger number is better, but don’t go overboard! The panels will typically be 80% efficient. Tru Blu Solar experts will analyse your requirements and suggest the right number of panels you will need.
No. Solar panels will work with any kind of roof, even those made of asphalt shingles. The only things you should worry about are whether your roof has excessive mould, moisture, or is severely tilted or cracked. If these things are true for your home, it might not be a good idea to install solar panels just yet! Once these issues are fixed, feel free to start looking into solar systems within the Central Coast. Our professionals can perform a site assessment and devise an ideal solar design for you. They will analyse your electricity bills, roof space, shading, panel layouts, solar technology, meter data and your preferences.
The short answer is yes. It’s not because they’re aesthetically pleasing or improve your home’s curb appeal. Rather, it has to do with how much money you’ll save on your utility bills each month by installing them in the first place. Homeowners who install solar panels will likely see their energy costs decrease significantly, which means that they’ll have more disposable income for things like home improvement projects. In fact, some homeowners have reported an increase in their property values in just one year after switching to solar power in the Central Coast!
The main benefit of having a set of solar panels is that they will considerably reduce your electricity bill. Over time, you’ll pay less for power than you would have without them, so it’s definitely a good idea to buy them from solar companies in the Central Coast. And what’s more, depending on where you live, there are also several incentives for using renewable energy like solar! If you produce more power than you use at any given point, then selling surplus back to your utility company can actually earn you money. If you happen to produce a lot of excess power during peak hours, it might be worth looking into.
The time required to recoup your investment depends on how much energy you use. Central Coast solar companies suggest that it takes around 20 years on average to do so, but some estimates are higher or lower depending on your personal situation. The good news is that from that point, you’ll be generating free electricity for life! But if you’re looking to cut costs now, it might make more sense to invest in energy-efficient appliances. That way, you can start saving money right away.
Solar panels have an expected lifetime of around 25 to 30 years. In fact, our solar installers in the Central Coast offer a system performance guarantee on solar panels. If you’re interested in getting more out of your solar panels, there are a few things you can do to extend their lifespan. First, regularly clean your panels with a commercial-grade cleaning product designed for them. Second, make sure you get them professionally cleaned every two or three years. Finally, don’t leave any dirt or debris on top of your panels, as it can cause damage over time.
Net metering is a utility billing method that credits customers for any electricity they generate from their own renewable energy sources. After our Central Coast solar installers set up the system, you’ll be able to procure and use these credits to offset your monthly power bill at home or work. In other words, if you produce more electricity than you consume in a given month, your utility will credit your account for that extra energy. The earnings will depend on whether you use an off-the-grid system or one already connected to the grid.
Greenhouse gas emissions are one of our planet’s greatest challenges, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to reduce them. Solar energy is a clean, sustainable resource that can generate electricity without producing harmful greenhouse gases or contributing to air pollution. In fact, solar power in the Central Coast is so environmentally friendly, it is suggested by the experts as the number one thing we could do today to combat climate change.

If your system is connected to the grid, solar panels do not work during a blackout because they need power to run. For them to function, they require a grid-connected inverter. A grid-connected inverter needs power from your local utility’s transformer so it can create electricity through your solar panel’s photovoltaic cells. If you use an off-grid system with battery backup, you won’t be impacted by power outages. Talk to our solar installers in the Central Coast, NSW to know more.

You can use solar power with or without batteries. Even if you already have enough energy from your panels, solar batteries will be worth every penny. Many homeowners choose to add batteries during solar panel installation across the Central Coast because they provide additional storage for surplus electricity generated during peak hours. In other words, solar batteries come in handy when your panels don’t produce electricity during specific times or weather conditions
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