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Solar Panels Central Coast

Look no further for cutting off your energy bills! Hit the contact button on this page to get in touch with the owner Billy to answer any of your questions. We have the experience and expert capability to suit the needs for your solar panels in Central Coast. Tru Blu Solar Co has assisted hundreds of families and businesses across the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter regions to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in electricity expenses since 2016.
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Tru Blu Solar Co.

Tru Blu Solar Co professionals will perform a site assessment that determines an optimal solar design for your property. A range of items including; electricity bills, roof space, shading, panel layouts, solar technology, meter data and, your preferences will be analysed and considered during this assessment.

With our experience this is easily done and we can instantly provide you with a the solution to eliminate your power bills.

Central Coast Solar Rebate - Tru Blu Solar Co.

Our Services

Many Australian homeowners experience the pain of paying quarterly power bills. At Tru Blu Solar Co we can certainly put a stop to that. We have had hundreds of customers, who were being billed from $200-$2000 a quarter for electricity. Once they have installed solar many of them have had their power bills in credit ever since. Get in touch for a free solar feasibility report, we provide free on site quotes for anyone, you would be surprised with how quick the solar will pay for itself.
Our commercial solar installations boost the cash flow for Australian business owners. Our engineering team will carry out a site visit to investigate the premises electrical layout and take note of the structure to be used for the installation. From here, we will gather historical data from the energy retailer and use this to model the perfect solar system. In addition to this, we provide tariff structure advice to speed-up pay back periods to as little as 1.5 years for our commercial solar installations.

Tru Blu Solar Co have the expertise that a battery customer relies on to ensure their system is installed safely and efficiently. The combination of technical aptitude, industry partnerships, load profile analysis and engineering is what is required for the successful installation of a solar battery.

This is where our innovative quality really sets us apart from the competition. Our solar and battery installations allow you to have power in the home even if there is a blackout.

Solar maintenance is something we are inherently experts at. After supplying & installing hundreds of solar panel installations we can quickly find faults that others would take hours to do. We know exactly what to look for, every single time. If you have problems with faulty inverters, panels, micro-inverters or power optimisers we can find the fault in minutes and have your warranty claims carried out efficiently.

On top of this, we are experts at insurance reports for hail damaged solar panels and fire damaged solar panels.

For some sites the existing power infrastructure may be old and outdated or may simply not be adequate to support a solar installation. Often in these cases, the customer will engage us to upgrade their switchboards and mains cables coming in from the powerline network. With our experience in doing so, you can rest assured your power will be off for minimal time periods and the work will be completed with high quality finishes.